"Closer to Maarten"
58 min, Netherlands, 2016

It is 1999 when Dutchman Maarten de Bruijn, still in his twenties, decides to make a journey through India. At first, everything seems to go well, as he sends letters on a regular basis in which he writes enthusiastically about India and the things he is experiencing along the way.

But after three letters, the writing stops and his family fears the worst. Not without reason, because they have never heard from Maarten again. Until this day, he is still missing.

Maarten's younger brother Hein never came to terms with this and 15 years after Maarten's last sign of life, he decides to make the same journey as his beloved brother did in 1999. To find closure to this tragic situation and to find peace with his brother's faith. Guided by Maarten's letters and some new facts, he follows the same track as his brother did years earlier. His father, who already was in India in 2000 to search for Maarten, accompanies his son.

In India, Hein and father Jaap have many conversations about Maarten. About who he was, about what could have happened, about the question wether anybody is to blame for his disappearance and about how to face your anger about this.

18 August 21.00
KARO 11 October

screening and discussion

Raymond Grimbergen

Raymond Grimbergen is a filmmaker from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After working for many years for some famous Dutch (documentary) television shows, he now produces, directs, shoots and edits his own films, both fiction and non-fiction. WIth his first long documentary, Closer to Maarten, he now aims for an international market for this compelling and emotional story.


THE WAY Film Festival 2018
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