"Pathway to health"
51 min, France, 2016

Olivier, Elise and Marine just finished their 6th year of their medical studies. Next year, they will begin their residency and they will be confronted to their professional life. But before taking the plunge, they decide to step back a little bit.

They are going on an initiatory journey around the Mediterranean sea, where big civilisations have developed the medicine we know today.

The three future doctors will cross Italy, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt to meet practicians of alternative medicine.

Through their reflection, their meetings and some trip anecdote, this road movie is an opportunity to ask ourselves about our current medical practices.

Will this journey change their futur practice ?

19 August 21.00

Summer cinema in the Hermitage Garden

Rémi Rappe and Sylvain Diserens

After studying biology at the University of Bordeaux (France), Rémi traveled a lot. Quickly, he wanted to retransmit in images his visual, social and naturalistic experiences. He then naturally turned to IFFCAM (International Wildlife Film School in France) where he made his first two documentaries. It was in this school that he met Sylvain Diserens, the co-director of the film.

Born in Châtel-St-Denis, in Switzerland, Sylvain live during his 20 first years in the swiss mountain. He then joins his interest for the nature and for the science by studying biology in Fribourg University.

Since Sylvain and Rémi have done their master degree in IFFCAM, they have been shooting abroad as a camera operator. With their complementarity, they directed together Pathway to health.

THE WAY Film Festival 2018
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